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There are many stories in Twin Peaks - some of them are sad, some funny. Some are stories of madness, of violence. Some are ordinary. Yet they all have about them a sense of m y s t e r y - the mystery of life. Sometimes, the mystery of death. The mystery of the woods. The woods surrounding Twin Peaks.
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Enjoy my shirt, Miss Swan.

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Grace Kelly / on location in Colombia, during production of Andrew Marton’s Green Fire (1954)

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Title: UnknownLady Gaga
Artist: UnknownDo What U Want (Official Solo Version)
Album: Unknown
Played: 93127 times
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Now we come to step three.
This… drives… most… people… crazy.

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Do we know each other?

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“You all got on this boat for different reasons, but you all come to the same place.”

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Here we see Lana looking for her scenes in the new ouat scripts

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Audrey Hepburn was photographed by Mark Shaw for the June 1954 issue of Mademoiselle.

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